Shopper Activation Insights

Key Shopper Activation considerations and research questions are:

How important are the 6Ps in making a shopper decision?

  • Prioritise the importance of the 6Ps – eg is product assortment more important than promotion for the shopper in a particular channel or customer? Do different shopper profiles have different 6P priorities?
  • Do the 6Ps vary in importance for the shopper trigger points?

Role of location in store?

Are we in a “hot” high traffic zone, low “cold” traffic zone?

“Shopperbility” – how easy to shop?

  • How much time do shoppers spend at shelf?
  • How many products handled? How many bought?
  • What is the level of conversion? How many shoppers stop at the category fixture and how many shoppers select our brand or SKU?

Shopper Segmentation

How can shoppers be segmented into groups, what is the profile of each group, and how do these vary by key channel or customer?

Shopper Performance

Consider the key shopper performance metrics and develop insights as to whether performance is driven by:

  • Traffic (and within this participation or frequency)?
  • Basket Size (and within this average price paid or quantity bought)?
  • For the target shopper profile, what is the performance over the latest 52 weeks (panel or customer data)?
  • What is the performance with total shopper base – latest 52 weeks (panel or customer data)?

What insights gain we gain from this assessment of shopper performance for our own business and for the customers?