Data & Insights


How do I know if it’s an insight?

A useful way to think about insights is to remember Insights = WHY is this happening?
Unless the statement answers the question ‘WHY?’ it is unlikely to be an insight. An insight is not a fact or an idea or a product. It is a penetrating discovery that can inspire an actionable idea because it answers the question ‘WHY?’ and this answer provides us with an insight that we can turn into an action plan.

Examples from our Quiz:

What’s the data?
Why is this happening? What’s the insight?
Consumers say brown rice is a healthier and more nutritious choice
WHY? Consumers perceive brown rice to be less processed, therefore more natural and healthy than white rice.
On a very hot day even loyal brand drinkers want a cold drink more than any specific brand
WHY? In certain consumption occasions ( heat & thirst ) even loyal brand drinkers are less brand loyal – thirst trumps brand.
Consumers buy vitamin enriched products to make sure they get all the nutrients they need daily
WHY? Consumers often don’t eat well, remember to take vitamins at home or carry them to take during the day so products which make it easy to get the nutrients they need are desirable.
Shoppers who purchase organic products are often heavy shoppers; rather than light shoppers, in the organic category
WHY? Heavy shoppers are often motivated by wanting to protect the environment for future generations; so select sustainably manufactured organic products as much as they can.