What Shopper Data do we need?

Shopper understanding and insight plays a critical role in helping us to navigate the path to purchase and inform our understanding of the consumer – shopper conversion journey. Conversion happens every time a shopper is ‘converted’ to our store, category or brand/SKU as they make choices in the path to purchase. To do this we must understand:

  • why shoppers visit certain channels or stores how they navigate within the store environment?
  • what the in-store shopper behaviour is; and how is it changing over time?
  • what are the traffic (shopper penetration and frequency of purchase) and basket size (average weight of purchase and average price paid)?
  • performance data for the target shopper group?
  • how shoppers make decisions at the point of buying?

By understanding this journey, and where shopper conversion happens (or conversely where shoppers “fall out” of the purchase process) we can better develop product propositions, solutions and in store execution to maximise shopper engagement and purchase.