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As part of our overall route to market strategy there may be shoppers we service via a third party distributor partner. Whether this is simply the physical distribution of our products or a full service key account and merchandising service, our partners are an extension of our business and it is critical that we empower them with the right management, direction and resources so that they can represent us well. In addition, that we manage the commercial arrangement to achieve a healthy balance between our ‘costs’ and the distributor’s ‘profit’.

This is an EXPERT skill. In this skill we learn how to assess and select the right distributor partners, how to commercially manage for success and create a long term mutually beneficial partnership.




When you call your distributors ‘partners’ it’s actually true. The care and attention to detail you display when assessing distributors and selecting the right partners is a prelude to a jointly valuable partnership based on a deep understanding of each other and aligning on what’s important – building your business in the geography and meeting shopper needs, wherever they are! You keep in touch and jointly manage the contract; sometimes you even say “win-win” even though it’s a cliché, it is the beating heart of your awesome relationship.



In this section find in depth resources to help you develop the skills to select the right partners and manage them successfully:
  • Insight – turning distributor partner data into actionable insights
  • Assessment – select and evaluate the right partners
  • Strategy – creating a clear picture of success for priority geographies
  • Execution – managing for jointly profitable success at the point of purchase


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