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The most fundamental decision any company makes is “where to play”. That is, what geographies and categories do we compete in. This can be broad for a big company (e.g. global snacks); or it can be niche for a smaller company (e.g. Europe, organic chocolate – or, Singapore, cupcakes). Within this context, the role of the category team is to determine how we will grow category revenue and profit.
We know our customers focus on categories and want to sell the most popular and profitable brand mix to compete in each category they sell.

This is an ESSENTIAL skill. In this skill we make sure that we have a robust category strategy and plan, a good understanding of what makes the category grow – and are able to activate our plans with our customer’s shoppers.




You know the fundamentals of category management. When you talk to Customers you articulate category benefits, not just what’s good for your brand. You deliver impressive category revenue, profit and growth with and for your Customer. You know what’s hot and what’s not. You think big picture, beyond category tactics, to bring your category vision to life. You and your Customer are both clear about what you want to be famous for in the category.



Our in depth resources help you to deliver category growth and develop the skills to:
  • Confirm your category ambition and develop category insights – know what you want and arm yourself with the right insights
  • Decide on a category definition, category customer role and define a competitive category context
  • Identify unique high category growth opportunities in a compelling category vision, category strategy and customer category propositions
  • Plan category activation, implement and review category performance with your customer


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